1. Introduction

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor is a new column type that adds a graphical component to standard SharePoint percentage data columns. This added functionality improves the usability of the SharePoint percentage data column by making it more user-friendly and intuitive. Two-way conversion between raw numerical data and color-coded progress bars makes it easy to use SharePoint Project Progress Monitor on already existing lists as well.

2. How to Use Project Progress Monitor

To use SharePoint Project Progress Monitor, you first have to set up a SharePoint Project Progress Monitor Column. To do this, open the Settings menu in SharePoint and click on Create Column.

Once the Create Column page opens, select Project Progress Column.

In the Additional Column Settings section, customize the appearance of the graphical display and set up the number format: select the foreground color and background color, determine the width of the bar, and align the text. After customizing SharePoint Project Progress Monitor’s features according to your preferences, a preview will be displayed so you can preview the progress bar’s final appearance.

Specifying limit values and number of decimal places allows you to set the number format according to your requirements. So if you need very accurate data, you simply increase the amount of decimal places.

One of the most useful features of SharePoint Project Progress Monitor is its ability to convert other SharePoint column Types into the Project Progress Monitor column type. Just select the column you want to convert, and click Convert when you are done. Please keep in mind that this will only work for SharePoint Percentage Data column types.

Once you have finished the set up of the Project Progress Monitor column, you can start using it. To do so, just create a new item in your list. You will find a Project Progress Monitor input field in the New Item form. Just enter a valid number and click OK.

After that the percentage will be displayed in the percentage bar. It will also appear as a number next to the column. You can change the settings of the columns in the Additional Column Settings menu as described above.

Once all the list items have been created, you can quickly and easily see which task has been finished and to what extent. This greatly improves your ability to monitor the progress in SharePoint project based environments.

When editing the data in the Worksheet View, the Project Progress Monitor data is automatically displayed as percentage data.

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