1. Introduction

SharePoint Project Timer is a SharePoint project time management web part to help you keep track of your deadlines. It allows you to set a countdown to the target date, and will then display a clock on your screen counting down to that specific date. It is very useful in project management environments, or to have tasks more structured and finished on time.

2. Add a Project Timer Web Part

a. Go to the site or page where you wish to add Project Timer Web Part, and click Sittings and then click Edit Page to modify the page.

b. On the ribbon, click Insert tab, and then click Web Part.

c. In the Categories box, select BoostSolutions Web Parts, select BoostSolutions Project Timer Web Part, and then click Add.

After adding the Project Timer Web Part to the page, you can configure the Project Timer Web Part based on your requirements. You can configure the web part text and the countdown target date.

3. Web Part Text Configuration

In the Edit Web Part window, 2 boxes for text editing are displayed. One is the standard input, displaying the title above the remaining time area. The second one is the message once the countdown end-date has been reached. Both text boxes support Rich-Text text editing features. Below the text editing boxes you find a preview of the current style of the Project Timer Web Part.

On the right you find the Project Timer Web Part configuration box, divided into a Countdown Configuration, Appearance, Layout, and Advanced section.

The Appearance, Layout, and Advanced sections of the SharePoint Project Timer configuration box are added by default settings in SharePoint. If you need assistance using these sections, please refer to the SharePoint Help.

4. Countdown Configuration

Countdown End-Date and Time

Select a date and time in the Countdown End-Date and Time box; the date should be the end time of your project.

Display Options

In its Countdown Configuration section you can modify general settings, like the countdown end-date and time, the Display Options, and the Style of the web part. It also shows the link to the license management for the product.

The Display options let you choose between 3 options: Days only; Days, Hours, and Minutes; and Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.


SharePoint Project Timer gives the user the option to choose from 5 preset styles, and one option to customize the style yourself. Customizing the style allows you to upload different styles of digits into the web part as well as selecting the background color for the time area and the text area of the web part.

To customize the numbers you have to enter a valid image path into the Image Path Location field. There are 2 possible options; either specify an URL inside SharePoint, or specify a folder on your hard disk.

Upload pictures into SharePoint and copy the URL of the containing folder. Paste the URL into the Image Location Path field.

Or, for a folder on your hard disk, please follow this path "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\ TEMPLATE\IMAGES\Brandysoft.SharePoint.CountdownTimer", add a new folder there and insert the pictures into this folder. After that, please paste this path:" /_layouts/images/Brandysoft.SharePoint.CountdownTimer/New Folder" into the Image Location Path field.

The valid file types for the pictures are .gif, .jpg, and .png. Please be aware that the files have to be named exactly as the number they are representing, so from 0 to 9 (e.g. 0.jpg, 1.jpg...)

To change the preview, please click Apply and the web part edit window will change according to the changes you made. On exiting the Edit mode Project Timer will be displayed on the site according to your settings.


You can set the size of the web part in this section, 100% is the default size of this web part.

When the countdown end-time has passed, the message displayed will change to the expiration message.

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