1. Introduction

SharePoint View Boost can make list item view more convenient by collapsing and expanding column.

2. How to Use SharePoint View Boost

The following is a typical sample of SharePoint View Boost's application.In the default standard view of list or library, you cannot collapse the columns when the view contains too many columns.

Click Enable/Disable View Boost in the Actions dropdown menu.

Then the collapse button display on each column header of the standard view.

Suppose that you want to hide the Start Date, Description, Discussion, Task Type and Related Task column, click collapse button on these columns header:

And then, the data are hidden as following. After columns collapse, the button on these columns header become expand button.


Refresh page or click Enable/Disable View Boost button, the current view return to the original view. If you want to see the columns that collapsed, such as Start Date column, click the expand button on the column header.

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