Document Number Generator enables SharePoint administrators to define a document numbering scheme for documents according to their company policy. A document numbering scheme can uniquely identify and classify a document making it easier for users to retrieve the right information.

2. Manage Document Number Generator settings

2.1 Access Document Number Generator

Enter the Document Library Settings page and click the Document Number Generator Settings link under the General Settings tab.

Click Add New Scheme.

2.2 Add Document Numbering Scheme

Click the Add New Scheme to add a new document numbering scheme. You will see a new dialog window.

Scheme Name: Enter a name for this scheme.

Content Type: Specify which field should use this scheme.

Note that you need to select content type first to determine the specific field.

Formula: In this section you can use Add element to add a combination of variables and separators and use Remove element to remove them.

You can select Custom Text and enter anything you want. If any invalid characters are detected then the background color of this field will be changed to indicate if that there are errors.

For Example:

Columns Functions Customized
This will list all available columns in the current list, including [Document ID Value], [Content Type], [Version], etc. The following functions (variables) are available:
[Today], [Now], [Year], [Parent Folder Name], [Parent Library Name], [Document Type], and [Original File Name]
Custom Text

Date Format: In this section you can specify which date format you want to use.

Note: This option is useful only when you add at least one [Date and Time] type column in the Formula.

Regenerate: This option determines whether you want to regenerate the document numbering scheme when the specific document is edited, saved or checked in.

Note: When this option is enabled the column valued user entered in the SharePoint item edit form will be overwritten automatically.

2.3 Manage Schemes

Once a document numbering scheme is successfully created, the specific scheme will be shown under its respective content type.

Use the icon to edit the scheme.

Use the icon to delete the scheme.

Use the icon to apply this scheme to all documents stored in the current document library.

Note: This action can be dangerous because the value of a specific field for ALL documents will be overwritten.

Click OK to confirm and continue.

There will be an icon that shows the scheme is currently running. Once it is done, it will display an icon indicating the results.

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