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Collection Column

Provides an easy way to view and manage related items in one SharePoint list, and is capable of calculations based on related items.

Calculated Boost

Powerful and real-time calculation. Easy-use functions with IntelliSence!

Column/View Permission

Manage column and view level permissions. Restrict users’ access to confidential and sensitive content.

Batch Check In

Check in a group of checked-out files all at once, simultaneously upload and check in multiple documents.

Cascaded Lookup

Pull data from different SharePoint lists or sites within a site collection. Add parent-child relationships to columns.

Alert Reminder Boost

Send detailed, customizable email notifications to users whenever an item is created, modified, or deleted.

AD Management Pack

This 5-in-1 pack greatly improves SharePoint AD management efficiency. Buy now to get a $800 discount.

Permission Boost

With this pack, administrators can configure view-level, form-level, and item-level permissions for any SharePoint list.

SharePoint Classifier

Bulk upload, check in, edit, tag, approve and move documents directly in SharePoint. Easily to share and send files.

AD Information Sync

Synchronize user account/computer profile information from Active Directory to a SharePoint list.

Lookup Pack

Lookup enhancement tool, consisting of SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup, SharePoint Cascaded Lookup and Lookup Tracker.

Data Connector

Transfer data between SharePoint lists and external sources including SQL, Oracle, MySQL and SharePoint 2016/2013/2010.

Calendar Rollup

Roll-up and organize calendar events from SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Google and more into one calendar in SharePoint.

Data Collection & Analysis

A package contains 3 products. A powerful toolkit to collect and analyze data.

Password Change & Expiration Web Part

Allow users to change their own passwords without administrator intervention.

Password Change & Reset Pack

Password Change & Reset Pack Contains password change and password reset web part. Buy now to save $299 with pack sale.

Excel Import

Allow users to import an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx,. xls, or .csv) into SharePoint list and manually map data fields.

List Collection

Roll up pertinent list items from multiple lists across a SharePoint site collection into a single, auto-updating data view.

AD Administration

Allow administrators to delegate user management capabilities and Active Directory administration permissions to specific users.

List Transfer

Enable SharePoint end-users to copy and move documents or list items across SharePoint libraries and lists in the cloud!

List Sync

Combine different lists into one. Break down large lists into different ones based on conditional criteria.

Data Integration Pack

All 4 apps help you to integrate data from different sources into one place.

Cross-Site Lookup

Allows users to look up information from a list in another site and filter Cross-Lookup field by selecting list views.

AD Self Service

Enables users to view and modify their own Active Directory information from within a SharePoint web part.

Permission by Rule

Permission by Rule (formerly Permission Workflow) enables organizations to secure documents in library and restrict access to unauthorized users.

Permission Manager

Search, Analyze, Manage and Backup SharePoint permissions on a centralized platform.

RichText Boost

Add flash movies, images, and other content types to SharePoint list columns directly.

Discussion Column

Allow users to record their discussion in the item without creating new version and recording empty contents.

Bulk Properties Editor

Edit, Check in, Approve/Reject and Tag documents in bulk. Greatly save time and increase productivity.

Site User Directory

Allow to display in navigational tree view either by alphabetical, OUs, SharePoint site category, or online status.

Bulk Zip & Unzip

Enables SharePoint end-users to zip and unzip documents within sharepoint library.

List Advanced Filter

Use multiple SharePoint fields as a criteria to filter any information in SharePoint list or document library.

Password Reset

AD or Local NT users can reset their own password directly from within SharePoint without administrator intervention.

Document Auto Title

Automatically set titles for documents when documents are uploaded or modified.

SharePoint Document Toolkit

Create, convert and share documents in SharePoint, a powerful toolkit to manage a document’s life cycle.

PDF Converter

Convert or combine MS Office files (Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Excel, etc.), images and more to PDF in a SharePoint document library.

Document Viewer

View Microsoft® Office documents, PDFs, images, web pages, etc. directly within SharePoint document library.

Document Maker

A simple document creation solution. Everyday repetitive tasks transformed into automated time saving processes.

Permission Report

Generate various SharePoint permission reports based on account, permission level, permission inheritance and more.

Choice Indicator

Label list and task items with one or multiple colored labels corresponding to the desired selection criteria.

Item Permission Batch

Bulk assign, remove or change SharePoint permissions for multiple list items or documents.

Item Audit Log

Item Audit Log provides a simple and powerful audit report to present the library or document usage, modifications, popularity, etc.

Business Charts

Create powerful charts, quickly and easily. Formidably improve data analysis and decision making.

Document & Item Reordering

Reordering list items in each view separately. Support manual item rank rearrangement in all types of SharePoint lists.

Document Number Generator

Automatically generate unique numbers or names for documents in SharePoint library.

Text Size Zoom

Enlarge or reduce the default text size displayed in SharePoint.

Project Timer

Countdown to a target date and time. Fully customizable color and number-style settings.

Form Validation

Provide 4 standard validation types for input content check when users create a list item or edit an item.

Lookup Tracker

Lookup Tracker provides an overview page to list all information related to an item.

BoostSolutions Foundation

BoostSolutions Foundation is a core component that is included in every product produced by BoostSolutions.

BoostSolutions End User Viewer Tool

Downloadable tool that helps you to determine the number of end users in a Site Collection or Farm.

List Filter Favorites

Save filter configuration based on current view; load saved filter configuration in its view; filters can be saved as private or public.

Project Progress Monitor

Visually enhances the status of a SharePoint project or task by displaying numerical data graphically in the form of percentage-based bars.

View Boost

Collapse and expand SharePoint columns in a standard list view.

Wiki Redirect

Provide an easy way to toggle between different versions of a wiki page.

Workflow Boost

SharePoint Workflow Boost is a workflow designer for businesses or IT professionals that simplifies work process by drag-and-drop feature for delegating tasks, deploying projects, email reminders, document flows and other business or IT-related procedures.