1. Introduction

Excel Import Add-in enables Office 365 users to import data or records from an Excel Spreadsheet into a SharePoint online list.

2. Import Data from Excel to List

This tutorial will introduce how to import date using this app.

In this example, there is an Excel file named as Customer, the Excel file contains customer information.

And there is a custom SharePoint list named which name is Customers, the list contains these columns as following.

a. In the Customers list, select Import Excel from the command bar of the SharePoint list.

Important: Import Excel is unavailable in classic SharePoint experience.

b. When Excel Import dialog appears, in Import from Spreadsheet section, click Click here to select an Excel file to import to select an Excel file, here we select Customer.

c. In Sheet section, select one sheet to import, and select Skip header row in Excel option to skip importing header row into the list.

d. In Column Mapping section, select Excel columns and map them to the list columns as following.

e. In the Filter section, select the checkbox next to Import from [] to [] option, and specify the data range as from row 2 to 6.

If you unselect the checkbox, all rows of this sheet will be imported to the SharePoint list.

f. And then click Import button.

g. After importing process finished, click Close button to exit.

h. Then in the Customers list, you will find that the customer records are imported in to the list as following.

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