Filter Using Multiple Fields

Surpassing native SharePoint list searching capabilities, List Advanced Filter allows end users to set up multi-field filters to get more relevant information in SharePoint list or document library.

Filter by Complex Criteria

Except columns, users can use complex criteria such as comparison and logic operators to find what they want quickly and accurately. This is helpful especially when you want to search by time.

Supports Popular Column Types

End users can filter most types of columns, including text, Choice, Number, Date and Time, Currency, People or Group, Lookup, Managed Metadata, and Hyperlink or Pictures.

Easy to Fill-in Filter Values

List Advanced Filter can recognize column types and provides corresponding UI elements so that users can enter values easily when they create a filter.

Easy to Configure and Use

Unlike a filter web part, List Advanced Filter does not require you to edit pages or make complex configurations before using it. Users can set up individual configurations with a unique filter panel that can be accessed anytime with one click.

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